BIG Sculpture @ Veg Out


Deadline:30th August, 2019

BIG Sculpture @ Veg Out is an outdoor sculpture exhibition and competition presented by the Veg Out Community Gardens St Kilda Inc (Veg Out), in association with Mariella Del Conte, and Adrian Spurr (referred to as BIGSculpture@VO).

Veg Out is a not for profit volunteer community organisation that runs a community garden next to Luna Park in St Kilda, Victoria.  The community garden is the site of the exhibition.

Veg Out is the little garden in St Kilda that could.
We are ferociously independent.
We believe in people, plants and purple butterflies
in all of their glorious shapes and sizes.
We are over the moon to be able to
present you with these wonderful sculptures.
This is your patch, enjoy the show.

Rob Taylor

The exhibition is curated by Mariella Del Conte, Adrian Spurr and Robert Taylor (Curators).
Email us at


  • The Grand ‘BIG Sculpture @ Veg Out’ Prize $5,000
  • The Fundere Fine Art Foundry Prize: Sculptural casting and or fabrication to the value of $2,500
  • Veg Out Peoples Prize $1,000
  • The Gardener’s Prize $500

All awards are non-acquisitive

An independent judge will award The Grand BIG Sculpture @ Veg Out Prize at the Exhibition Opening event on Sunday 10 November 2019. The judge’s decision is final. The Exhibition Opening will be attended by the Artists and their chosen guest and invited guests only.

The People’s Choice Veg Out award and The Gardener’s award will be presented at the Veg Out Open Day Sunday 24thNovember 2019 which will be open to the general public.


Applications/Entries open online Monday 1/7/2019
Applications close Friday 30/8/2019
Notification to all entrants regarding selection will be sent via email Monday 9/9/2019
Installation Date Wednesday 23/10/2019 –
Wednesday 30/10/2019
BIG Sculpture Exhibition open to the public, open every day for four weeks, hours 10am – 6pm. Saturday 2/11/2019 –
Sunday 1/12/2019
Exhibition Opening event Sunday 10/11/2019
Big Sculpture Open Day Sunday 24/11/2019
De Installation Date Monday 2/12/2019 –
Friday 6/12/2019


The application is a contract between the artist and Veg Out, and the terms and conditions are set out in this document and the application form (Big Sculpture @ VegOut Agreement 2019). Please read this document carefully before applying.  By submitting your application, you agree to these terms and conditions.

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