Building Communities through Open Art School


Deadline: May 2, 2024

In a unique take on artist-run initiatives, ‘Open Art School’ was a program rather than a space. It began as a series of peer critiques, offered in response to regional Queensland’s lack of formal art training opportunities. By using a structured format based on Liz Lerman’s critical response method, artists could receive constructive, supportive feedback while participants invested themselves in the artist’s practice. The initiative had a short life in Mackay before covid-related disruptions and a relocation to Rockhampton, but its simple format has potential to be reborn in other locations.

In this webinar, founder of Open Art School, Emily Wakeling, runs through her background with artist-run initiatives in Japan and Australia, the ‘Open Art School’ concept, and will make the case for more peer critiques in regional arts communities.


Participants will learn about:

– Challenges for regional artists and how to overcome them

– Ways to respond and adapt to local art community needs

– A range of different ARI models, including Open Art School


Event: 12:00pm – 1:00pm Thursday 2nd of May 2024