Ceramic masterclass with Kenji Uranishi


Deadline:17th April, 1:00 - 5:00pm

In Kenji Uranishi’s first ever solo masterclass, hear what inspired him to work with porcelain and then create your own porcelain work as you explore the ancient slab-built techniques used in Kenji Uranishi: Momentary.

Together with artist Kenji Uranishi, you will see and experiment with the intricate method of rolling thin porcelain slabs, cutting 3D forms, and decorative techniques including using thin lines and inlay. He will also share a range of vital tips and preventative techniques that will ensure you have a successful firing outcome.

The masterclass will involve demonstrations and participation. Suitable for students and adults aged 15 and above. Beginners to advanced.

Tickets $60 plus booking and transaction fee. Bookings required. 


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