Classical Life Drawing – Ancient Attitudes


Deadline:Series starts 9th May

‘Lady Emma Hamilton captured the imagination of gossips and grand tourists alike, becoming an icon of feminine independence, survival, and sexuality for Britain’s long 18th century. The ‘Attitudes,’ a series of artistic reinterpretations of scenes from her husband’s famous collection of Apulian vases, are witness to her beauty and the allure of the classical past. In 2014, the RD Milns Antiquities Museum invites modern audiences to experience the beauty and appeal of the classical world in The Attitudes of Lady Emma Hamilton. For three themed evenings, the Museum gallery will be transformed, taking visitors back to the antiquarian drawing rooms of 18th century Naples. Each evening will include life drawing sessions with a professional artist, inspired by the Museum’s own collection of Greek vases’



Series starts Friday 9th May


RD Milns Antiquities Museum, Level 2 | Michie Building


Single entry: $30 Series entry: $70

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