Facade Video Festival


Deadline:30th April, 2018

Media and video artists from all over the world are invited to send videos for the sixth edition of the Facade Video Festival, which will be held in Plovdiv in Bulgaria between 28 and 30 September 2018.

Facade Video Festival is an annual video art exhibition, where videos are projected onto the walls of houses both in the Old town of Plovdiv and in the other neighbourhoods. Facade Video Festival aims to create an interface between viewers and artists, between visual arts and the city. There are no restrictions, concerning the theme of your project.

ELIGIBILITY. An individual author can participate with max. of 3 videos. The submitted videos must belong to the category of video art. They should have been finalized after 1 January 2015, come in as a single-channel version and be copyright controlled by the artist.

THE EVENT WILL BE JURIED. A jury will choose the 10 nominees, whose videos to be included in the official DVD of the 2018 Facade Video Festival, and select the author of the best video, who is going get the award of 1000 euro. The winning video artist is also to be part of the jury of the Facade Video Festival in 2019.

NOTIFICATION OF JURY RESULTS. Everyone who enters the festival can check the results uploaded on the festival’s website after 30 July 2018.

DATE OF THE FESTIVAL. The festival is an annual event, taking place every September.

For more information please visit the – www.facade.arttoday.org

Image: Adam Mathieu Taking Down the Pole that Killed My Brother (2016)


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