Fotofestival Schiedam


Deadline:2nd August, 2020

Does your work belong next to great photographers such as Martin Parr, Steve McCurry and Sarah Maple? Submit your photos for the Open Call for Fotofestival Schiedam in the Netherlands. 2020 is a year with a lot of events, a year that new history is written. The theme of the festival this year is “transitions”, we showcase the changes in the world of today. Did you take an iconic image? And does your photo say more than 1000 words? Register now and we might see you in September!

Fotofestival Schiedam 2020 takes place from September 3rd until September 20th and is an annual photo manifestation in three weekends with exhibitions and activities showing current and actual developments in photography. The program is based on a theme that explores the relationship between photography and the world because this once trusted medium increasingly shapes and colors to the way we perceive our reality.

The theme of Fotofestival Schiedam 2020 is transitions. Although we seem to enjoy – in the west – a life of unprecedented prosperity, we also seem to be controlled by a feeling of chaos and discomfort. Differences between rich and poor, and the politically right and left wings, seem to be growing. Put differently, the historical moment in which we live seems to reach a tipping point that we recognize in different crises. These crises or transitions will be the common thread through the 2020 edition of Fotofestival Schiedam.

In September 2020, Foto Festival Schiedam will take us on a journey of contemporary photography. With its theme Transitions, the festival presents a wide range of perceptive photographers who observe and question our constantly changing visual culture. Differences between rich and poor and left and right seem to be increasing, while various cultures and traditions influence each other in all sorts of ways. These contemporary transitions (like the Covid19 crises and the Brexit) form the common thread in the 2020 edition of Foto Festival Schiedam.

The seventh edition of the festival is characterized by the refreshing combination of various genres within photography. The photos are shown at a special location in the historic city center and presented in spatial installations that ignore the typical one-dimensional photo on a wall.

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