Gyeonggi International Ceramic Biennale


Deadline:31st Ocotber, 2018

Ceramicists worldwide are invited to enter works for the 10th Gyeonggi International Ceramic Biennale 2019 in Korea. Applicants should note important changes in the international competition format which offers entrants an opportunity to be selected for the biennale exhibition in Gyeonggi as well as for an online exhibition. Many artists in both categories will be invited, expenses paid, to attend the biennale in Korea. Seven main nominees will share the prize money totalling 100,000,000 KRW (around 93,000 USD).

Artists from all parts of the world are welcome to submit works, both artistic and practical, made from clay (ceramics) or made with the theme of clay (ceramics) with two categories:

  • Ceramics as Expression
  • Ceramics for Use

Please note: the period when applications can be submitted online opens on 1st October (deadline: 31st October) but potential entrants should start planning early to ensure the work is completed in good time for the applications period.

For more information please visit the – Website

Image: Torbjoern Kvasbo(Torbjørn Kvasbø), Norway 

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