Metro Arts – call for proposals


Deadline: 14th Sep,2012

DEADLINE : 14th Sep,2012

An opportunity for performance makers is now available through Metro Arts; who are seeking artists who are brave and curious, who aren’t asking ‘What now?’ but ‘What next?’’ In a landscape that is shifting day-to-day, there is an understanding that to stay still is to be irrelevant, and so we’re moving – fast.

In 2013 Metro Arts is gathering with artists, audiences and community and entering into conversation that’s driven by contextualized investigation.

Artists can apply with an idea or concept that they’re seeding in their practice or currently investigating at any point in the year, however programming will be announced publicly in six month cycles commencing November 2012. In this way the program is ephemeral and responsive – the work, however, is beholden to a strong contextual framework the artist must know what they are exploring and why.

Metro Arts has $50,000 to invest in artist fees to support and stimulate ideas for new performance work across four programming streams:

Work In Residence (year-long exploration)
The Independents (month-long showcase)
Sue Benner Takeover (one-week short-fuse development)

For more information and to apply: download the application guide

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