Metro Arts: Moving Image Program


Deadline: December 11, 2022

Metro Arts is calling for applications for a moving-image program in February 2023.

Metro Arts invites artists to submit recent or new moving-image work to form a group exhibition in the Metro Arts Galleries at West Village from 11 February – 4 March 2023.

Up to four artists will be selected, each receiving an artist fee and other support as detailed below, with the gallery space for each determined in consultation with Metro Arts and alongside a parallel exhibition organised by Composite (Melbourne).

As part of a partnership between Metro Arts and Composite, one artist will be invited to present their work at the Composite space in Melbourne in 2023, and will be paid an additional fee to facilitate this.


Metro Arts has three distinct gallery spaces in our new home on the ground floor of Factory Lane at West Village, West End.

Gallery One measures 60m² and is a rectangular white-walled space. The space has two potential configurations via an operable wall.

Gallery Two measures 20m² and is a rectangular space particularly suited to video works or intimate encounters with small-scale works. The space currently has black walls.

Window Gallery is a 5m² space that incorporates a 4 metre glass façade facing onto Factory Lane. The space cannot be entered by the public, but is on constant public view.

Plans and Images of the Gallery can be accessed here.

Please note: For this moving-image program, the details of the installation and the gallery chosen for the display of successful applicants’ work will be determined in consultation with Metro Arts and Composite.



Metro Arts is committed to engaging with a diverse range of artists within our programs and encourages applications from members of the creative community across spectrums of ability, age, race, gender identity and sexual orientation. Metro Arts has officially adopted the “Protocols for using First Nations Cultural and Intellectual Property in the Arts” which can be viewed here.

Metro Arts welcomes proposals from early career through to established practitioners.

While the Metro Arts program includes all mediums, this Call for Proposals is specifically dedicated to a moving image program.

If you are an interstate applicant, your application should include consideration of the feasibility of remote installation if required, bearing in mind Metro Arts cannot provide additional funds towards travel, freight or other logistical expenses.

Please note that only Queensland-based artists will be considered for the additional exhibition at Composite (Melbourne).

Artist collectives, ARIs, curators and other groups are invited to apply, with the recognition that the artist/curator fees cannot exceed $2800 in total, and that the maximum additional fee for the Composite iteration is $1000, regardless of the number of artists.

Image: Sophie Penkethman-Young Woolworths Orchid, 2019. Two-channel video installation, orchids. Installation View. Metro Arts