Deadline:14th July - 25th August

Learn photoshop the way it was designed by the software engineers!

There are many different ways how to do any single task in Photoshop. Confused and not sure which is the right way to edit and enhance your images? This course is all about how to drive photoshop the way the software engineers designed it to be driven, we call it “from the engine room”.

This course will not replicate the many on-line free tutorials that are readily available. By learning to drive Photoshop ‘from the engine room’ you will learn how to diagnose what needs correcting in your image, how to make complex selections in a fraction of the time it would normally take using the more well known methods, and how to minimise file damage when making corrections.

The Course

Designed for the intermediate user who has basic understanding of photoshop tools, layers and applications such as levels, curves and blending modes.

This flexible course consists of 6 modules. Module 1, the keystone of the course, must be completed before you can  continue with any of the other 5 modules. You can choose to study only module 1, which will teach you the absolute ‘must know’ in photoshop and you can stop there. Or if you wish to become a proficient photoshop user, you can choose to continue with any of the following modules.

The course is structured in a way that will enable you to use the skills you learned in module 1 throughout the course and you can grow and advance with additional modules if you wish.

You will be using your own laptop with a full version of Photoshop installed (not just Adobe Elements). You will be using our ‘teaching’ image to learn the techniques, as well as your own image to practise what you’ve learned. Once booked, you will need to download the teaching image to bring to the first lesson.

The Cost

Module 1 (mandatory): $195

Modules 2-6:  $145 per module

Complete course of all 6 modules: $895

To ensure sufficient individual attention, the classes are limited to 10 students. Minimum of 5 students is required to run this course.

Morning tea and coffee is provided. There will be break for lunch, bring your own, or there is The Boo  near-by, serving great food.

The Dates

Each module runs from 9am to 3pm

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