Powerhouse Research Fellowship


Deadline:12th November, 2021

The Powerhouse Research Fellowship Program provides a supportive environment for researchers to undertake research related to the Museum’s collection, education, conservations and museum practice.

Applicants are required to have a PhD, experience working in a research environment (for examples, a university, a museum), and a scholarly and/or creative practice track record.

The Museum is seeking participants with proposals that address the Museum’s four strategic ambitions: curiosity, creativity, collaboration & sustainability, in addition to one of the key research areas:

agriculture and food; architecture and built environment; Asian and Pacific arts and culture; biotechnologies; computation and digital technologies; decorative arts and design; energy and climate science; engineering; fashion and dress; First Nations; health, medicine and wellbeing; mathematics and measurement; media and communication technologies; music, sound and performance; physical sciences; product and digital design; social history; space and astronomy; transport; visual communication

To apply please visit: maas.museum.com

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