The Australian Antarctic Arts Fellowship


Deadline:26th March, 2021

The Australian Antarctic Arts Fellowship enables people from the creative community to experience Antarctica and the sub-Antarctic, and Australia’s activities in these locations, so that they may communicate this unique experience and understanding to others.

The Australian Antarctic Arts Fellowship is made possible by the Australian Antarctic Division in association with ANAT.

Please note: The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the Australian Antarctic Program. This is also a transition period with Australia’s new icebreaker RSV Nuyina to come on line and major infrastructure and capability programs commencing. Logistics will be prioritised to support operational needs. We recommend your project be framed with flexibility in mind regarding timing, transportation and station access.

Australian Antarctic Arts Fellowship Objectives

The Arts Fellowship program aims to increase Australian and international awareness and appreciation of Antarctica, the sub-Antarctic, Southern Ocean and the Australian Antarctic Program. The program has a focus on communicating, within Australia and internationally:

  • the activities of the Australian Antarctic Program
  • the importance of the unique Antarctic and sub-Antarctic natural environment
  • human stories and endeavours
  • Australia’s historical Antarctic and sub-Antarctic legacy
  • the international treaty history, values and cooperation that shape Antarctica’s geopolitical significance.

The Arts Fellowship advances these objectives through the work of people gifted in communicating through various media including (but not limited to) the visual arts, film-making, performance, writing, and music.

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Photo: Richard Youd

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