The Lester Prize


Deadline:10th July, 2020

What is The Lester Prize?

  • It is not one point-of-view, one tone nor one hue.
  • The Lester Prize exhibits all our traits—the heroic, the despicable, the humble, the deplorable, the principled and the fallen.  When you look upon these portraits of others, you can’t help but see yourself reflected.
  • The Lester Prize captures what it means to be ‘them’, to be ‘me’ and to be ‘us’.
  • With this ancient continent behind it, The Lester Prize looks out while welcoming the world in.
  • It is for portraiture that comes from an unexpected place, but can speak to all.
  • It is for the elevation of the artist but against vacuous celebrity.
  • It is for quality irrespective of style.
  • It is for insight over fashion.
  • It builds reputations, not just venerates those who already have one.
  • This is what makes The Lester Prize the fresh face of portraiture.

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