UnitePlayPerform: Utopia Playshop


Deadline: March 30, 2023

Choose, build and embody your own wearable artwork.

This is a guided experience hosted by UnitePlayPerform’s Artist, Founder and Master Facilitator ØFFËRÎNGŠ whose work features in Play Moves.

In this guided Utopia Playshop™, participants use object art, space, sense, movement, language and energy to stimulate radical self-expression; gaining new insights, experiencing liberation and increasing genuine connection to self and others.

Utopia Spirit Skins are high vibrational and interchangeable soft sculptures. Build up the archetypes on life vest suits to explore self concepts and identity through play. The larger-than-life forms, shapes and colours layer on the body to create your own unique avatar!

ØFFËRÎNGŠ will move the community through the UnitePlayPerform method as a journey of self discovery. Here you’ll co-create the artworks, movement practices, voicing, play, and storytelling. Get ready to interact with new age sound healing tools, object art and tactile soft sculptures as a collective ceremonial procession is designed through the Museum!

Morph into radical self expression. This is an immersive experience to cultivate community connection. Spaces are limited to 30 per session.

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