WindowSight: Call For Video Artists



Are you a motion artist or designer, videographer, time-lapse photographer, 2D or 3D animator, VJ, or work with new media, Cinema 4D artist or After Effects…?

Well hello there. We are opening a call for artists who make LOOPABLE videos of 1 minute maximum.

See all requirements and apply now at

WindowSight is a streaming service for art.

Users can watch your art in HD on their TV and you get paid per streams of your content.

Application and Requirements:

WindowSight is exclusive to active professional visual artists (photographers, illustrators, painters, video and digital artists, motion graphic artists…).

Applications are completely free. We aim to provide an alternative income that can ease and increase the artists’ recognition as professionals and overall, enhance quality in the arts.

In order to apply we will require links to your work, our team will validate that you are active as an artist and that you have a demonstrable professional career.

Before applying, make sure your art’s resolution is suitable for high quality TV display (8MP for image / 1080×1080 for video) and that you have at least 30 artworks to share on WindowSight.

Bear in mind that if your artwork is not naturally digital, it must be digitized in appropriate conditions to ensure a good experience when displayed.

Artists whose applications are accepted will be sent an agreement with the terms to sign. Memberships can be cancelled at any time. No exclusivity is required.

While we assess your application, make sure you try two weeks of WindowSight Premium for free to see what your art would look like.


About WindowSight: 

WindowSight is a new platform that connects professional artists worldwide with art lovers in a high quality digital experience: Artists publish their work in high definition and users worldwide can enjoy it on their TVs. Artists get paid directly through the subscription fees of the users that have watched them, on a monthly basis.

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