Brenda May Gallery : Call for proposals


Deadline: April 4th, 2013

DEADLINE : April 4th, 2013

Brenda May Gallery is currently accepting proposals from professional practicing artists for the following group exhibitions scheduled for 2013.

Sugar, Sugar’ curated by Megan Fizell – October 2013

As a species, we are predisposed to seek out sugar to supplement our diet. “Sweet tooth” and “sugar rush” are colloquial phrases used to describe our bodies’ cravings for and reaction to the substance. Our inclination to seek out the sweet stuff speaks to the pervasiveness of sugar in the visual arts. This exhibition will feature contemporary art made exclusively with sugar.

Proposals for this show must be received by Friday 5 April 2013.
Artwork to be delivered to the Gallery by Friday 27 September 2013.

Submissions should be posted directly to the Gallery (email submissions and proposals sent by registered post will not be accepted) and should include a CD of recent work and images in support of the proposal, an up to date C/V and a single page outline stating the nature of the work you are proposing. Please no powerpoint or keynote files.

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