Fringes Residency


Deadline: 4th March, 2013

DEADLINE : 4th March, 2013

The State Library is looking for an unusual, compelling and considered project which experiments with the fringes of arts, science, technology or enterprise.

To join our team as a Resident you must have an unrealised project. Your project will be a little out of the ordinary; it will present new ideas, techniques, processes or outcomes. It may not fit nicely into one bucket; it may be a hybrid, resting somewhere between pure arts, science, technology or enterprise. It will be on the fringes. It can be an individual work or the result of a team effort.

Despite these complexities you should be able to sum up for us what you want to do, how long it will take and what help you need to pull it off. You may not have all the pieces you need to make your grand plan happen, but that’s where we come in.

Over three or four months we will ply you with cash (to the tune of $5K), give you a swipe card that opens all the doors in our building and introduce you to anyone and everyone that we think you need to know to make your project go from good to great. We will also offer you a place to work, cake to eat and listening ears to help tweak and test your project along the way.

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